3 reasons you need professional cleaners for your aged care facility

Wednesday, January 3, 2018   Uncategorised


When you invite people over, you’ll often spend hours cleaning beforehand. That’s because at home, cleanliness is all about aesthetics – making an impression on your guests.

Sometimes, however, cleaning is much more important than that. In aged care homes, for example, cleanliness is directly related to the health and wellbeing of residents, which is why you should always leave the job to a professional Aged Care cleaning company.

Professional cleaners will maintain the highest level of care. ACW Care always delivers the highest level of care.

Sometimes, however, cleaning is much more important than that.

1. ACW Care staff undergo extensive training

Any professional cleaning company will make sure that their staff are qualified before they head off to a site. At ACW Care, however, we don’t stop there. Our employees are trained in:

Standard best practice – The first step is covering cleaning fundamentals and industry standards for excellence.

Chemical use – Our staff are trained thoroughly in safe, effective chemical use and dilution.

Working with the elderly –  Our standard training on elderly persons includes manual handling training on how to react if a resident were to trip, fall or require some kind of assistance from one of our team.

Infections control – We train our staff on how to identify and minimise the spread of bacteria in any environment.

Mandatory reporting – We understand our obligation to report any instances of abuse or neglect of the elderly. To this end, we’re your partners in having your residents’ best interests in mind.

In aged care facilities, cleanliness is synonymous with health. In Aged Care facilities, cleanliness is synonymous with health.

2. Passing a government audit is no easy feat …

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) can audit aged care facilities at any time – announced or unannounced. When they do decide to measure your facility to their stringent requirements, you’ll want to have a professional Aged Care cleaning company on your side.

ACW Care consistently provides excellent service, but it’s during external audits that we go above and beyond. Our team will provide extra assistance during audits to make sure all relevant information is available at your fingertips.

This includes providing the AACQA with any reporting or documentation they need. We practice thorough reporting – keeping records of everything we do in your facility as well as documents on all our employees, including police checks and certifications the AACQA may require.

ACW Care has a flawless record in passing external audits.

Record keeping is a key aspect of passing an external audit. Record keeping is a key aspect of passing an external audit.

3. When you engage with a professional Aged Care cleaning company, you benefit from innovative solutions

Aged Care cleaning supplies aren’t your run of the mill products. We use hepa filter, low noise vacuum cleaners, aged care trolleys, micro-mopping equipment and a specialised chemical range.

Acquiring these equipment and chemicals would be an expensive investment for most organisations. However, taking advantage of innovative solutions offers countless benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and quality of care.

For us, it’s all part of doing business with you. Aged Care cleaning is our passion and we’re seeking to improve our processes to deliver the best for your residents and staff.

These three reasons just scratch the surface of why professional cleaning is so vital to Aged Care. To find out more, reach out to the team at ACW Care today.