Infection Control – COVID-19

The ACW Team can support you in preventing the spread of COVID-19 amongst your clients/customers, guests/residents/visitors and the wider community. We can help flatten the curve and keep you in business. We have almost 30 years’ experience in infection control, providing contamination cleaning, infection control and other specialised cleaning services across all industry sectors. We have specific experience in preventing or containing infection in food and beverage and food manufacturing (to HAACP standards), in clinical and general care environments such as healthcare, aged care, and childcare, and in general commercial premises from offices to body corps/strata to large and small retail environments. We also have extensive experience mitigating the risk of infection in hospitality including large scale and boutique accommodation, serviced apartments and student accommodation.

As a community service we are happy to conduct a FREE audit of your cleaning protocols – whether that’s the cleaning programme you had in place before lockdown, touchpoint sanitisation, or what you need to do in order to re-open. What government criteria do you have to meet? CALL US TODAY!

Please see below for services we can provide including a FREE no-obligation infection control audit and contact us for a quote. Send us a message here, or email info@teamacw.com.au or call 1300 134 659.


Cleaning and Sanitising – whole facility or touch points only

We have a trained team to disinfect all surfaces and touch points with TGA-registered hospital grade disinfectant in a site where there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. Note that where there are no confirmed cases, government advice is that our staff are not required to wear PPE. (Our staff have been advised to self-screen according to the Dept of Health guidelines, and if they have symptoms or are in a high-risk category they have been instructed to not work and to seek medical advice.) Examples of the two biocides/disinfectants that we most commonly use include sodium hypochlorite at 1000ppm and benzalkonium chloride (quaternary ammonium). We can also use non-toxic alternatives such as hydrogen peroxide at 3% w/w and the Abco enzyme-based Enviro-plus range. (These attract a surcharge which we can quote separately.)

If there is a confirmed case in your site you will require a full site disinfection. This is often called a ‘bleach down’ (using sodium hypochlorite at 5000ppm) and our staff will be required to wear PPE. We can also use the Enviro-Plus range as a non-toxic alternative (at a surcharge). All high touch surfaces must be thoroughly wiped with disinfectant, and the disinfectant must stay wet for the recommended time.

We can also provide full fumigation (‘fogging’). This consists of disinfecting all surfaces, floors, walls up to 2m, and the air within the facility. We use several different units depending on the facility’s requirements – misting, fogging and electrostatic spraying. We have several disinfectant products available, including

  • Protective disinfectants such as ZOONO which leave a micro-cellular coating on surfaces that continues to kill for up to 30 days. ZOONO is TGA-approved to kill COVID-19 (and a wide variety of other viruses, bacteria and mould spores.) This can reduce costs by minimising the need for widespread continuous surface disinfecting.
  • Completely non-toxic options such as Microsafe Nanocyn. This is 100% natural, non-toxic, 99.97% water, non-corrosive and alcohol-free. Nanocyn is safe enough to be used without a mask, and when people are present in the room being fumigated. This method of disinfection is completely safe for humans and pets.

We can also supply BioZone air filtration units (for rental or purchase). These kill airborne viruses and bacteria 24/7 and remove odours by circulating the air through UV light. We will need to visit your site to provide a quote as requirements vary depending on the size and configuration of the space. Also, completely safe for humans and pets.