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ACW Care is backed by extensive professional cleaning experience and a triple certification in:



Health and Safety

Environmental Sustainability


A Cleaner World has been making the world a cleaner, better place since 1991.

When it comes to aged care, hiring a professional cleaning company is essential. Not only can the ACW Care team keep your facility safe and hygienic, but we also go above and beyond to ensure compliance during government audits.

What does it mean to clean for health?

Are you more concerned about the appearance of your site? Or the health of your patients, residents and staff members? In most aged care facilities, the latter is true.

If not controlled, bacteria can spread extremely quickly in aged care facilities – threatening the wellbeing of seniors. That’s why working with an experienced aged care cleaning company who understands how to clean for health and safety by controlling outbreaks of Gastroenteritis or other diseases.

Cleaning for health means making sure that a facility not only looks good, but it’s hygienic as well. Some cleaning companies will cut corners when it comes to sanitation. These organisations might decrease the frequency or duration of services to minimise costs. After all, appearance is their priority.

With a company like ACW Care, on the other hand, we’ll make sure your site looks good and ensure it’s a safe, controlled environment. Simply put, our services go well beyond superficial, aesthetic cleaning.

ACW Care: A passionate team of aged care experts

Providing the best service means employing the best staff. To this end, we train our team extensively in several areas, including:

  • Industry standards for general excellence and best practice
  • Chemical use and dilution in regards to disease control and overall safety
  • Working with the elderly, which includes manual handling training should a resident require our assistance
  • Infections and bacteria control
  • Mandatory reporting in regards to any observed instances of neglect or abuse of the elderly


As a company, we’re also passionate about having the very best, most appropriate equipment. Everything from our trolleys to our mops is built for use in aged care facilities and we’re constantly looking out for new, cutting edge supplies and practices to implement.

The importance of compliance in aged care facilities

An aged care cleaning company can keep your residents safe, but also your facility as a whole. That’s because in Australian aged care facilities, compliance is key if you wish to avoid hefty fines, penalties or even closures.

The Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (AACQA) can audit your facility at any time – with or without issuing an announcement. When they do, they’ll be evaluating your organisation according to a series of rigid standards across four different categories:

  • Management systems, staffing and organisational development
  • Health and personal care
  • Care recipient lifestyle
  • Physical environment and safe systems

Most aged care cleaning companies can help you meet health and personal care standards, as well as physical environment and safety requirements, but few can offer much assistance elsewhere.

That’s where ACW Care is a bit different. One of our unique selling points is our aged care reporting system that’s built on seamless record keeping and transparency.

When you get audited, you’ll be required to show heaps of documentation about your cleaning practices, responses to breakouts and other incidents, and the team you have working in your facility.

Because of our careful record keeping, we’ll have this all compiled and ready to go. According to Aged Care Insite, record keeping, pay rates, entitlements and pay slip requirements are among the most common challenges in the industry when it comes to compliance. Avoid this by working with us.

Optimise your aged care cleaning

ACW Care is based in Melbourne, but we operate nationwide. Reach out now to find out how we can optimise your aged care facility, nursing home, private hospital or childcare centre.

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