ACW Energy

ACW Energy is on a mission to transform how Australian businesses access energy. We are committed to enabling every Australian business that owns its own premises to generate its own power, and if possible, generate revenue from excess returned to the power grid.

We analyse your current power consumption and costs and present a recommendation as to the products and power array that will deliver the most efficient and cost effective energy to your site. We reduce the cost pressures of your business through proven bottom-line results. Reduced operating costs = increased profits. Unlike other solar resellers, we don’t over-inflate projected returns. Instead, we guarantee that the systems installed will deliver what we promise.

How are we different?

  • We explain the buzzwords and keep the process simple and streamlined. We won’t try to bamboozle you with complicated terminology or unrealistic estimates.
  • We use verified data from certified Government and Industry bodies in your feasibility assessment.
  • We design and deliver a system that will ensure you have the power you need at a greatly reduced cost.
  • During installation, our priority is no downtime and no loss of revenue as we work around your schedule of operation.
  • From design to install, we use an experienced, dedicated project team that creates little to no disruption to your day to day operations. Your site team includes a Project Manager, a Customer Care Officer, and an Onsite Manager to ensure each step of the project runs smoothly.
  • Our project team is accredited with WPCG (Workplace Clearance Group) and has rigorous OHS & E training.  We are available to complete any in-house training or additional safety accreditations you require, and will work with internal and external stakeholders as required.
  • All products are fully installed by qualified and accredited electrical technicians, with all work backed by a Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES)/Certificate of Compliance (COC) to ensure your insurance policy remains valid.

Contact us today for a no-obligation assessment to find out how your roof could transform high energy costs into no energy costs!

Ian Sison heads up the ACW Energy team. He has extensive experience in the solar industry and is an expert in designing custom solar solutions for commercial premises. Ian will also ensure that installation is stress-free, with our team of experts handling every detail. Call Ian on 0491 176 367, or email .

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Customer Testimonials:

Your knowledge and expertise were instrumental at arriving at the optimum result. The service your company provides is top quality – from the initial request for info and proposal to the execution of the activity and de-brief. Our objective of saving on electricity was well and truly achieved – thanks also for continually assisting with questions and actively seeking to further drop my bill. Again a fantastic job and I sincerely thank you and your team.  Nick Talevski, Director –  Pump Group Pty Ltd

The three biggest benefits are that Johann offered great customer service,  met all of our requirements and our requested deadline. Essentially everything went according to plan. I would describe the service as knowledgeable and efficient.  Harbir Khurana, Managing Director – Epic Group 

Early last year we implemented a 60 panel system on the top of our canopy at our LP Gas site. We have saved over $5000 in 9 months on electricity costs. I could not be happier with your product and service.  Nicole N., Director – Peninsula Gas & Fuels

From my first initial meeting , I have been nothing but impressed with the service level, the honesty and the total professionalism both he and his team provide. I had been exploring the use of solar at my stores for a number of months, but every organisation I met with, I was presented with the “hard sell”, and figures on what I would save that I clearly could not see how it could be achieved. The team presented me with figures that were more realistic and achievable and they did not badger me into making a decision. Any question I had was answered thoroughly and in depth with enough data to support the answers they had provided.  Eddy Nader, Managing Director – Nader Petroleum Group

I would like to thank you for providing us with an excellent product, service and customer experience. I was very impressed by your quality, your input and attention to detail in investigating all our options before coming up with the best configuration and most cost-effective solution for our site. You have taken the time to understand our needs and were very responsive in getting the right outcomes for our business. Your installers were very punctual and professional with minimum disruption to the operation of our 24 hour business. I have had interested independent contractors look over the system and they were quite impressed with the equipment and its installation. I would like to thank you for your marketing input into the promoting of our business as “going green” – this has already paid dividends with our customers. Your idea of installing the solar panel on the shop roof in full view of our customers on the forecourt was brilliant, the feedback had been outstanding.  Con A., Fuel Station Owner – Mt. Evelyn VIC

Just a quick note to say thanks. Our installation was speedy, smooth and professional. Your on-site guys knew what they were doing and based on our estimate of $500 to $600 savings per month, we will achieve a 25%+ return for the lifetime of the system.  Jim L., Fuel Station Owner – Maffra VIC