How the Internet of Things is changing commercial cleaning

Tuesday, May 15, 2018   Commercial


Remember Rosey, the robot maid from The Jetsons? The 1960’s sitcom introduced many futuristic concepts that actually exist today – from 3D printing to video chats and automated cleaning.

We may not have humanoid robots like Rosie rolling around in frilly aprons today, but we are seeing a great deal of technology helping to make our businesses cleaner and our lives easier. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the commercial cleaning industry in many ways. Are you ready for the future?

What is the Internet of Things?

Simply put, the IoT refers to a network of physical devices connected to each other and/or the Internet to improve efficiency.

Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are excellent examples of the IoT in action. These automated assistants can be linked to any number of devices in your home. Once connected, you can use the speaker to control various systems. Want to change the TV channel, for example? Simply ask your device.

There’s virtually no limit to what the IoT could do to integrate and automate every sector.

It’s easy to see how the IoT can make our daily lives more convenient. It’s important to note, however, that we’re just beginning to see the capabilities of this network. There’s virtually no limit to what the IoT could do to integrate and automate every sector.

One such sector is commercial cleaning. By forming meaningful connections between humans and technology, the IoT can help businesses significantly improve their professional cleaning outcomes.

How technology is shaping commercial cleaning

Perhaps most similar to Rosey is Xenex, an American germ killing robot who uses UV light to kill bacteria. Xenex can kill microorganisms that manual cleaners might miss, rendering this robot particularly useful in the aged care sector, where germs can threaten the wellbeing of residents.

If you haven’t heard of Xenex, perhaps you’ve met Roomba, the popular hands-free vacuum cleaner. Well, Roomba is also leaving the home and entering the commercial sector. Similar hands-free floor cleaning machines are currently being built, some of which are equipped with Wi-Fi to automatically report not only to the cleaning company but the client as well.

Throughout Europe, cities have even introduced self-cleaning restrooms where robots periodically clean facilities throughout the day. Soon, this automation could be used to replace toilet paper, fill soap dispensers and let staff now about a stall that needs maintenance.

What’s underpinning all this? In many ways, the IoT is being used to add a technical edge to many devices and systems. Nowadays, everything is smart – watches, televisions, phones. Soon, our cleaning technology will be as well.

Stay ahead with the right commercial cleaning company

If you want to ensure your business doesn’t miss out, work with a commercial cleaning company who prioritises innovation.

At ACW Commercial, we’re committed to upholding industry standards and staying on top of advancements in the sector. When new technology is released, you can be sure we’re aware and are working to find ways to use it in your space.

Our online project management tool, CleanCare Connect, is evidence of this. We developed CleanCare Connect, a state of the art reporting system, to offer our customers full transparency around what’s happening in their business in real time.

To find out more about optimising your commercial cleaning with ACW Commercial, contact our expert team today.