APPROVED TO KILL Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Thursday, April 2, 2020   News

Disinfected Certified

I heard tonight on the Ch. 7 news that there is now an official disinfectant registered by the TGA to kill the Coronavirus COVID-19, Viraclean made by the Whiteley Corporation. So, is Viraclean the best disinfectant for Coronavirus cleaning?

The primary ingredient listed on the SDS of Whiteley Viraclean is Ethanol at less than 10%. While ethanol, in the correct concentration, definitely kills viruses, it’s not the only chemical to do so. In the right concentration, rubbing alcohol, methylated spirits, hydrogen peroxide 3%, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), benzalkonium chloride (quaternary ammonium) can all kill viruses, including coronavirus.

While the Whiteley Corporation is to be rightly commended for applying for and receiving TGA registration, the US Environmental Protection Agency has listed hundreds of products that can kill Coronavirus.

Viraclean has a number of advantages versus other disinfectants used in Coronavirus COVID-19 cleaning:

  • neutral Ph
  • non-corrosive to metals
  • will not stain or bleach surfaces
  • contains a detergent so can be used to clean and disinfect in one go

We’ll copy below the Viraclean usage instructions for cleaning biohazards such as blood spills or other bodily fluids because they’re quite clear and useful, regardless of the disinfectant you’re using:

“To clean and remove organic soiling (blood, sweat, sputum etc) from surface, apply liberally around the soiled area and work towards the centre. Soak up using fresh, disposable cloth. Once clean, to disinfect the surface, apply undiluted and leave to dry for 10 minutes at room temperature.” For any queries contact ACW today!

For more information on Whiteley Viraclean please see the links below: