How to preserve your building’s assets with commercial cleaning

Wednesday, January 17, 2018   Commercial


Look around your commercial space – where do you notice signs of wear? Maybe the timber flooring has lost its shine, the stainless steel in the kitchen is scratched or the skirting boards are covered with scuffs.

Some of these things are to be expected, but others can be avoided by hiring a commercial cleaning company that preserves your building’s assets. Asset preservation is key in ensuring your commercial space doesn’t lose value, but where do you begin?

What are the assets in my commercial space? 

Everything has a lifespan, but when looked after properly the most valuable features can last and look great for years.

Some common assets in commercial buildings include:

  • Flooring,
  • Windows,
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) systems,
  • Carpeting,
  • Woodwork,
  • Stone surfaces,
  • Stainless steel surfaces,
  • Upholstery,
  • Walls.

As a facilities manager, properly caring for these should be your top priority. That’s because by regularly cleaning these elements, you can avoid expensive maintenance, repairs or replacements down the line. Further, when your assets deteriorate, it doesn’t just look bad – operations and production can actually suffer reputational damage.

What are your building's most valued assets? What are a commercial building’s most valued assets?

How can I best preserve the assets in my commercial space? 

Ready to get started? Here is how you can care for your commercial space’s assets on a daily basis.

Hard flooring

The best way to preserve hard flooring is to keep it clean. Regularly remove dust and debris with a vacuum, dry mop or broom. When mopping, avoid getting timber flooring too wet by damp mopping and blot cleaning instead. This will help keep the floor from warping.

If you’ve chosen a high end flooring product – such as granite or marble – only use specialised cleaning products when you mop. Otherwise, you risk damaging the surface.


Properly cleaning your windows goes well beyond the glass – you need to remove dirt, grime and build up from the tracks, seals and frames as well. If you fail to do so, your windows might crack, break and require costly repairs.

Further, unsealed windows are directly related to high heating and cooling costs.


Carpeting is also best preserved with proper cleaning. In commercial spaces you should vacuum your carpet at least 3-4 times per week. If your establishment is busy or food is served there, vacuuming should be a daily task.

Vacuuming can only pick up so much, however, so be sure to hire a professional, commercial cleaning company to steam your carpets. This will get out any mites, particles and allergens that are hiding in the fibres.

Another great way to get more life out of your carpeting is rotate your furniture regularly. Lift up a desk and you’ll see deep indents in your carpet. Over time, these can become rips and holes. Avoid this by regularly rearranging heavy furniture every few months.

Nearly any asset in your commercial space can be preserved best by hiring a professional, experienced cleaning company. At ACW Commercial, we understand that cleaning isn’t just about making a space look good, but also ensuring it lasts and doesn’t lose value. To find out more about how we can optimise the cleaning at your business, reach out today.