Tips to keep your office safe and healthy

Wednesday, November 22, 2017   Commercial


Did you know one of the cleanest surfaces in many workplaces is often the toilet? It’s unsettling but true, according to Professor Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona in the USA. Gerba’s research found that workspace surfaces tend to have shockingly high levels of bacteria – up to 400 times as much as a toilet seat.

Fortunately, there are things staff can do between regular commercial cleaning services to help keep your office safe, healthy and productive.

Know where bacteria grows – and stop it!

Gerba’s findings revealed there are certain bacteria hot spots in every office. Not surprisingly, these tend to be places we touch often, including:

  • Desktop surfaces
  • Computer mice
  • Keyboards
  • Telephones
  • Chairs

You can’t ask employees to stop using these devices or touching these surfaces, but you can ensure they have clean hands when they do by making sure sanitary gels are accessible throughout the office. Sanitary wipes are also a great way to quickly disinfect  desks and other bacteria growth areas.

Clean keyboards properly and regularly

Ate lunch at your desk last week? Then it’s likely there are still some crumbs in there, in addition to dust particles, skin cells and that coffee you tipped over a year ago. It may sound gross, but for most office workers, the keyboard is the filthiest place on any desk.

Help your employees keep their keyboards clean by stocking compressed air and isopropyl alcohol in the office and encouraging staff to regularly spray out their keyboards with the air and sanitise around each key using a cotton tip and an equal parts water/alcohol solution.

Encourage office workers to regularly disinfect their keyboards. Encourage office workers to regularly disinfect their keyboards.

Encourage staff to stay home when they’re sick

There are always die hard employees who never want to miss a day, but make it clear to your staff that you want them to stay home when they’re sick. After all, an office can’t stay clean when people continue to bring their germs into it.

Make it clear to your staff that you want them to stay home when they’re sick.

Hire a commercial cleaning company

While workers can do a fair bit to keep their personal areas clean, you need to hire a professional cleaning company if you want to truly optimise the cleanliness of your whole office environment.

At ACW Commercial, our experienced team will not only make your office look great, but also ensure the environment for germs and bacteria is controlled. Everything from steaming carpets to taking out the trash and disinfecting common areas like the kitchen and meeting room help control the circulation of dangerous microbes in office air.

When people get sick in work, production suffers. Help your employees do their job by working with trained experts who have access to top of the line equipment as well as safe, effective cleaning products. To find out more, reach out to the team at ACW Commercial today.