Want to boost productivity? Start with the cleaning!

Monday, May 7, 2018   Commercial


Many businesses think of outsourced cleaning as an unwelcome expense. Cleaning costs are often the first place managers look when they need to tighten the budget. But research shows that cleaning is one area that pays dividends when done right.

A report by Dutch company, Vereniging Schoonmaak Research VSR (Association for Cleaning Research) quantifies  what many of us already know: that our physical environment affects us significantly, particularly when it comes to motivation, clarity and general satisfaction.

We take a closer look at the survey and explore what you can do to clean up and get more done at work.

Why clean = productive at work

A clean workplace is a profitable one, according to a wide body of research, including the latest VSR study linking cleanliness to increased productivity and general employee satisfaction.

Why is cleaner simply better at work? While some of us might be able to function in less favourable conditions, cleanliness can be attributed to a number of benefits, including:

Fewer absences

The average Australian spends 38.4 hours per week at work, according to the ABS, and anywhere we dedicate this much time should be a safe, clean and healthy environment.

Direct Health Solutions puts the average daily cost of absenteeism at over $350.

As a boss, keeping your staff in good health is very much in your best interests. Direct Health Solutions puts the average daily cost of absenteeism at over $350. Multiply that by the median 10 days per year and you see the magnitude of the issue.

Higher quality work and increased motivation

Nearly all workers (94 per cent) report feeling more productive in a clean workspace, while 77 per cent also attribute this to a higher quality of work in a recent survey by Staples.

Reduced stress and general satisfaction

Stress at work isn’t merely the result of having a tough job. Strain can also be exacerbated by a number of seemingly ‘unrelated’ factors, including lighting, temperature and – you guessed it – cleanliness.

In general, reducing distractions can lessen job-related stress. That’s why we go to such lengths to keep noise levels down in offices, for example. A clean, organised space free of visual distractions is also key.

The research proves it – a clean workplace is a productive one.

So how can you ensure you’re providing the most suitable environment for your employees? Here are three tips.

  1. Tackle the kitchen – From dirty dishes in the sink to a coffee machine that makes you cringe, the kitchen tends to be one of the most neglected spaces in any workplace. Encourage your team to pitch in by posting signs about the importance of cleaning up after yourself and hosting a fortnightly fridge clean out session.
  2. Go green – While scrubbing surfaces and cleaning the floors, be sure to pay attention the quality of the air you and your staff are breathing as well. Indoor air quality plays a major role in one’s health, which is why it’s essential to ensure your space is free of harmful VOCs. Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies can go a long way, as can bringing the outside in with air-purifying plants.
  3. Hire the right commercial cleaning company – While your staff can help, they go to work to do their jobs – not clean up. That’s where a professional commercial cleaning company comes in. At ACW Commercial, our team optimises your workplace cleanliness so employees can focus on their work.

To find out more about making your commercial space cleaner – and more productive – reach out to ACW Commercial today.