3 ways the guest experience has changed in hotels and resorts

Friday, May 25, 2018   Hospitality

Customer service has always been paramount to the guest experience in upmarket hotels and resorts. When guests visit your establishment, they expect a top-of-the-line experience. That will never change.

What this experience looks like and how it's delivered, however, is constantly evolving. In recent years, technology and other factors have changed the face of the hotel industry in Australia and understanding this shift is a key part of making guests happy. 

Here's what you need to know. 

1. Service must be instant

In today's mobile-friendly, ultra-connected world, people have come to expect information and answers instantly. The same is true for service. 

Modern hotel patrons expect requests to be met with a prompt response. This goes for questions and queries around bookings and reservations, room service and housekeeping requests. To ensure your guests are looked after in a speedy and efficient manner, hire a housekeeping company that prioritises top notch communication

Modern guests expect answers and service in real time. Modern guests expect answers and service in real time.

2. Guests want that 'home away from home'

Travel used to be a luxury. Today, it's a right – at least according to 83 percent of respondents in an Amadeus survey on the future of the hotel industry.

Travel used to be a luxury. Today, it's a right.

Staying in a hotel is no longer a novel experience for most people. More than ever before, people are travelling for work rather than leisure and these frequent travellers have clear expectations that a hotel will provide a comfortable stay mirroring their life at home. To this end, it's important for modern hotels to ensure the guest experience is smooth and convenient. It's also essential that room cleaniness is consistent and of a high-standard. If consumer expectations are not met, they'll go elsewhere, including disruptive markets like Airbnb.

3. Social media is an opportunity (and a threat)

Social media has changed the face of many sectors, not the least tourism. Having a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is a huge opportunity for hotels and resorts. In addition to using social media for marketing purposes, savvy hotels and resorts will also use their accounts to provide faster, more convenient service.

There are drawbacks to this, however. Many experts refer to what's known as a 'call-out culture' where consumers take to social media to air negative opinions of a brand. Nearly half (46 percent) of consumers have taken to social to 'call out' a brand on bad service, according to Sprout Social. With guests so quick to air their opinions, it's imperative that hotels and resorts provide a seamless experience. In today's world, a bad review about a dirty toilet could have serious ramifications for your business. 

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