Wednesday, February 7, 2018   Commercial

The quality of the commercial cleaning company you choose to hire matters – big time.

After all, if they don’t do a good job, your name is on the line. Customer perception of your establishment can have a major impact on the reputation and success of your business.

Commercial cleaning company protecting the reputation of your businessIs your commercial cleaning company protecting the reputation of your business?

Not sure if your commercial cleaning company is up to scratch? You might be right. Here are three signs it’s time to hire a new one.

1. A different crew shows up every time

Never know who’s going to show up to the job? That’s a sure sign of trouble.

When a commercial cleaning company has a high turnover or regularly changes their crew, you can never be sure how well new staff are vetted and screened. A company that constantly loses and hires employees is probably not taking the time to onboard and train their team properly.

In any industry, it’s better to have experienced, long-term staff who know the nuances of their role.

Further, when you constantly work with new cleaners, quality and service will be inconsistent. In any industry, it’s better to have experienced, long-term staff who know the nuances of their role. The same goes for commercial cleaners – the longer they work in your business, the more they will learn about how you like things done. This is particularly true when you hire a company like ACW Commercial that actively seeks out feedback from their customers.

2. You aren’t kept in the loop about issues and requests

In addition to scheduled cleaning services, most commercial cleaning companies will also handle maintenance issues and special requests. When you make these requests, it’s not enough for the company to deal with them – they also need to keep you informed of when and how issues are handled.

As a company driven by innovation, ACW operates a little differently. They’ve developed Clean Care Connect, an online portal that gives customers the ability to track performance on site, generate the latest reports and provide a feedback system for both parties.

3. Your facility is clean, but the products used aren’t sustainable

Cleaning isn’t all about aesthetics. Your facility needs to look good, but also be a safe and secure place for you, your staff and your customers.

Your commercial cleaning company should be committed to providing a clean and safe environment for your customers.

Commercial cleaning company should be committed to providing a clean & safe environment for your customersYour commercial cleaning company should be committed to providing a safe, healthy environment for your customers.

Not sure where your commercial cleaning company stands on sustainability? Ask them about the products they use as well as the training they receive. If they don’t have ISO 14001 certification in environmental management, they’re likely not meeting their green commitments.

ACW is committed to providing a clean, safe and sustainable environment – free of toxic chemicals and harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). That’s why we have put in the effort to earn an ISO 14001 certification and to utilise top-of- the line materials including micro fibre cloths, and environmentally-friendly products should our customers wish us to.

If you’re in any way dissatisfied with the quality of your commercial cleaning company – don’t hesitate, reach out to the team at ACW Commercial today. We’re glad to answer any questions you might have and to talk you through how our professional team could take your commercial cleaning to the next level.